MAX. RCF • 4,146 (EBA 280)

MAX. CAPACITY 6 x 50 ml

The EBA 280 and EBA 280 S offer exceptional user comfort
for small centrifuges and a choice between six rotors. Thanks
to a newly-developed rapid changeover system it is possible
to quickly switch from one rotor to another, without the need
to use any tools and with just one hand. The rotor locks
automatically in place and sits securely without the need
for screws or tightening.
With the 1146 swing-out rotor the EBA 280 achieves an RCF
of 3,112 with up to six 15-ml tubes. The higher-performance
EBA 280 S can achieve a maximum RCF of 5,071 with the
same tubes. This corresponds to 6,000 RPM. With run-up
and run-down times of 11 resp. 13 seconds, emergency
samples can be processed within a few minutes.
Both models are suitable for use in medical diagnostics,
environmental analysis and research labs, for example for
the sedimentation of cells and yeasts or to clarify water
and soil samples.


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